The third PHE Excellence Forum will bring together experts in Professional Higher Education from around Europe from 27th June – 29th June, 2018, in Hrubá Skalá, Czech Republic, to discuss challenges facing the PHE sector in Central and South-Eastern Europe.


The purpose of the PROCSEE Forum is to continue the work and discussions on the recommendations and best practises’ cases in the four thematic areas:

• Alignment of PHE/HVET with regional/local development strategies
• Promotion of PHE/HVET as an alternative route through tertiary education
• Organising and monitoring student placements in the world of work
• Use of Personal Learning Environments

Namely, at this Third PHE Excellence Forum, the PROCSEE Partners, together with an enlarged panel of Experts coming from across Europe, will share and discuss national experiences with the aim to cross-polinate best practices. The EURASHE Quality Guidelines for PHE Institutions, Characteristics and Criteria, Self-Reflection Criteria and Tools will also be presented and discussed.



Location, Accommodation & Venue:

EA Zámecký Hotel Hrubá Skála in the Czech Republic.

Contact Info:

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact via email

Iva Voldanova

Ondrej Chrast

Local currency
The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna (CZK) and the approximate exchange rate is 1,00 € is 25,9 CZK.

Tourist information:

This event is situated in the beautiful location predestined for easy strolls and hikes, and numerous stunning medieval castles in the close vicinity of the Hotel. Should you be interested to learn more about this are please visit this website:

Hrudá Skála Travel Guide



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