300px-SNSPA_logo[1]Who are we?

The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (NUPSPA) has established itself as a trademark in the Romanian higher education landscape, especially in the areas of governance and public administration.

Through its academic activities, NUPSPA ensures high levels of expertise in political science, sociology, public administration, international relations, diplomacy, European studies, communication sciences, psychology, management, and human resources. The University distinguishes itself through its commitment for education and its constant efforts to formulate solutions for contemporary problems, at national, regional and global level.

NUPSPA has a rich expertise in international projects focused both on research and international cooperation, but also on current challenges in education, networking with academic institutions and business milieu. In the last 20 years, NUPSPA had been as coordinator or consortium member in national and international research and educational projects funded through European programs (Tempus, PHARE, Erasmus, Minerva, Leonardo Da Vinci) implementing agencies such as UEFISCDI, CNCS and institutions like Fulbright Commission, Open Society Foundation, World Bank, European Commission, Institute of International Education.

Why we are participating in the project

NUPSPA is highly motivated in taking part in the project due to the University’s concern with the issue of student placements in the world of work. We strive to provide meaningful learning experience and preparation for employment at all times. We also support the project’s objective to promote PHE/HVET as an alternative route through tertiary education, in particular to respond to skill shortages and increase employability of graduates. In what Romania is concerned, we are eager to bring our contribution to the development of appropriate policy drivers and tools to address the local challenges faced by Professional Higher Education and Higher VET.

Our role in the project

As a partner, we will identify and analyse the policy challenges to PHE/HVET in Romania, with the participation of appropriate national experts to the thematic groups. In order to map the specific policy challenges, we will chair the activities of the national stakeholder mirror committee consisting of experts, representatives of the organization, the business sector, the government, the NGO sector, as well as student’s associations. The main contributions as a partner in the project are to formulate policy challenges to PHE/HVET in Romania, formulate policy recommendations, and communicate these recommendations to high-level policymakers.

Our Team

Loredana Radu

Loredana is the Director of the Center for EU Communication Studies, at the NUPSPA. Its objectives are related to the study and research of EU communication policies. Loredana Radu is a certified project manager (Project Management Professional) and graduated from an MBA Master of Business Administration at the CEU Business School.

Corina Daba-Buzoianu

Corina Daba-Buzoianu is Lecturer and Erasmus+ academic coordinator at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, NUPSPA. Her research interests include image studies, identity and otherness, ethno stereotypes, representations and international relations. Since 2012 she coordinates a grant for young researcher “Identity and image elements of the Romanians in national and European media.

Crina Rădulescu

Crina Rădulescu is lecturer at the Faculty of Public Administration, NUPSPA and, also, the Erasmus institutional coordinator of the university. She holds a Ph.D. in law. Her research interests focus on: constitutional law, constitutional comparative law, legal protection of the citizens, education, and international cooperation.

Flavia Alupei-Durach

Flavia Alupei-Durach is member of the Center for EU Communication Studies, at the NUPSPA. Her research interests focus on Euroscepticism, EU communication, and EU Public Sphere. Flavia’s professional experience includes the implementation of several projects coordinated by the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, the latest being “Euroentrepreneurship- University qualifications for the Europeanization of the Romanian society”.